Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brain Building Play

Get on the fast track to boosting your toddler’s brain

development through play. Play is an integral part of

childhood for good reason - it is your toddler’s “work”. Through

play, toddlers learn about themselves and their world. Swiss

developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget described toddler’s

play as their work. Through play, he noted that children learn

about and interact with their environment.

 In order to be successful in ensuring that you are building

your toddler’s brain through play, allow the toddler to be the

learner. When on the floor, engage with the toddler, and be

patient. Dr. Jane M. Healy suggests the following guidelines:

Make sure the child is actively interested and involved.

Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Give positive encouragement.

Encourage attempts at new challenges.

Keep playpen times and other restraints to a minimum.

Provide low open shelves with a variety of accessible

toys, objects, and books.

Provide interesting, bright colored visuals.

 As the toddler matures, her play becomes more

sophisticated, requiring more complex thinking patterns. So

when you see you toddler hard at play, understand that she is

building her brain!

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