Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Enrolling Pre-Schoolers in Extra Curricular Activities

No matter the age, extra-curricular activities take form in many ways.  From community groups to painting to dancing to sports to playing musical instruments, these activities can take place daily, weekly, or even monthly. There are numerous merits to allowing children to engage in a wide variety of activities.
There are many lessons to be learned outside of formal academics.  Children learn routine by attending regular practices or lessons.  They learn the rules of competition and the importance of sportsmanship by performing and competing against peers.  They learn about perseverance and hard work to gain the results that they want.  Teamwork is learned by working cooperatively with others, and celebrating the successes of all.  Extra-curricular activities allow for creativity and exploration; when engaged in different activities, children are able to broaden their horizons and explore their interests and talents.  All of this can be achieved when enrolling children as young as preschoolers into different activities.  In the long-term, students who continue staying active outside of school learn valuable skills such as time management, prioritizing, and making long-term commitments.
There are many considerations to be made when enrolling children’s activities.  Think about the child’s interests and abilities, as well as the family’s time and budget.  Thoroughly research and tour the facilities, programs, and those who are running the activities.  Remember not to overwhelm the child, taking into consideration the fact that preschoolers need unrestricted free play in their schedules as well.  And most of all, don’t forget to have fun!  Extra-curricular activities are best when your child (and you) enjoy it!

-Emily Lian, Educational Director
Early Childhood Education Expert 

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